Who’s driving your bus?

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A couple summers ago I was in Nepal riding a bus. It was a day long trip in a well-worn vehicle (this was no Greyhound), and we began our journey at dawn. This particular ride got off to a slow start, as every 20 minutes the driver would pull over, shut off the engine, walk outside to converse with others, and then slowly make his way back to the driver’s seat.┬áThen he would pull over again, shut off the engine again, walk outside to converse with others again, and then slowly make his way back to the driver’s seat, again. Then he would pull over yet again, shut off the engine yet…get the idea? Yea, so did I!
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Right here, right now

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I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. After much deliberation, I realized that deliberation was futile. Start right here, right now. So I signed up for a website and now I’m writing.

There are many ideas I have about what this could turn into, but the initial impetus is to create an avenue where I can communicate who I am, what I think about and what I am passionate about. Words written in a tucked-away journal or thoughts rumbling through my head have limited value; it is when they are brought to light and shared, examined and enjoyed by myself and others, that they are of real consequence.

Someday this site may become a well-spring of information. For now though, it will begin as an avenue of expression.

If you’re reading this then I welcome you to hang out at my place, and hope you find something of use in your journey.