Right here, right now

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I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. After much deliberation, I realized that deliberation was futile. Start right here, right now. So I signed up for a website and now I’m writing.

There are many ideas I have about what this could turn into, but the initial impetus is to create an avenue where I can communicate who I am, what I think about and what I am passionate about. Words written in a tucked-away journal or thoughts rumbling through my head have limited value; it is when they are brought to light and shared, examined and enjoyed by myself and others, that they are of real consequence.

Someday this site may become a well-spring of information. For now though, it will begin as an avenue of expression.

If you’re reading this then I welcome you to hang out at my place, and hope you find something of use in your journey.


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